View Superfund Wholesale SMSF Portfolios via MyProsperity

09 May 2017 / By Superfund Wholesale Team
View Superfund Wholesale SMSF Portfolios via MyProsperity

MyProsperity is a technology platform developed by former financial planner Peter McCarthy that brings together all a client’s important financial information in one place: bank accounts, properties, share investments, vehicles and superannuation.

Recently former Xero managing director Chris Ridd joined MyProsperity as CEO after being referred to the provider from his accountant. MyProsperity services over 10,000 subscribers and has more than 250 accounting and financial planning business partnerships.

A Class Super Service Partner, Superfund Wholesale provides financial advisers and accountants the ability to seamlessly pull their clients SMSF and non-SMSF portfolios directly into the MyProsperity platform.

In addition to seeing an accurate picture of your client’s financial world including their SMSF portfolio via the platform, MyProsperity enables advisers to identify clients who may be suitable for an SMSF and opportunities to engage with them regarding their superannuation.

Setting up an SMSF portfolio in MyProsperity:

The following video demonstrates how easy it is to link a Class portfolio to a MyProsperity client:

How to setup a class feed from myprosperity on Vimeo.


The Business Code for Superfund Wholesale clients is: sfwholesale


SMSF and non-SMSF portfolio services

Superfund Wholesale provides a complete SMSF solution for advisers and accountants from $120/m including financial accounts, SMSF tax return lodgement and independent audit.

Non-SMSF portfolios can also be administered on the same platform for $40/m.

Both SMSF and non-SMSF portfolios provide 24/7 online access via our bespoke Adviser Portal and integration with MyProsperity is available for all users at no additional cost.

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